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Professional Pet Care Dog Grooming

"Big and small we love them all!"
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We offer a clean, relaxed atmosphere, with over 20 years of professional dog grooming experience. You can trust that we will provide a pleasant, professional, and caring environment for your pet. Remember, keeping your pet happy during stay with me, is always my top priority!

Dog Grooming Services

Whether it's bathing, fancy hair cuts, skin care, or de-shedding treatments, your pampered pet will go home looking and feeling great!

Our Full Service Dog Groom With Haircut Includes

   • Bath and Coat conditioner    
   • Complete Brushout    • Costume hair style to suit you and your friend needs
   • Toenails trimmed    • Deshedding
   • Ears Cleaned    • Anal Glands Checked


Below are our prices. These prices are based on dogs in good condition without fleas, ticks,
or skin problems. Dogs with matting or attitude problems may incur additional cost.
Small Dogs 20 pounds or less
   • Short hair    • $20-$35
   • Bath & Trim up    • $30-$40
   • Full body clip    • $35-$45
Medium Dogs 20-50 pounds
   • Short hair    • $30-$40
   • Bath & Trim up    • $35-$50
   • Full body clip    • $35-$50+
Large Dogs 50+ pounds
   • Short hair    • $35-$60
   • Bath & Trim up    • $45-$80+
   • Full body clip    • $45-$100+

   • Nail Trim    • $5-$10

   • Bath    • $30
   • Full body clip    • $35-$45


Dogs love our new inside/outside options in our beautiful kennel.
We have climate controlled indoor/outdoor accommodations and a large exercise yard.
Love, attention, and custom care are our specialty.

   • Less than 20 pounds    • $22/day
   • 20-50 pounds    • $24/day
   • More than 50 pounds    • $26/day
   • Un-neutered males    • $27/day
   • Cats    • $22/day


Come stay in our special Kitty Room
Cats love our Kitty room, with it's windows and and all the comforts of home.
   • Cats    • $22/day Hrs 9-5

Other Servicing Notes

  • Pet Sitting services available - $35+ per visit, additional cost if visit greater than 10 miles or special chores expected
  • Pick-up and Delivery services available - $15 within 5 mile radius, $1 per additional mile.
  • Farm Sitting!!! - Free Estimate. Are your friends too big to come and stay with us? We will come and feed and love your farm friends!
  •  Messy or destructive campers will be charged extra.

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